Blog: Matching Employers and Candidates in Fresno

  • Jan 22ND, 2015

    Fresno ranks 49th of 300 on growth

    Based on the study of The Brookings Institution, the Fresno region ranks 49th out of 300 large metropolitan cities in the United States. From the study: With only 20 percent of the population, the world’s 300 largest metropolitan economies accounted for nearly half of global output in 2014. This interactive and report compare growth patterns […]

  • Jan 15TH, 2015

    Coupon code and social media promotions

    We’re excited about our new job board, powered by the almighty WordPress framework (yes, I said it).  So we are going to the mattress via social media to promote, promote, promote I just posted one on my personal Facebook wall, asking friends to help spread the word to employers in Fresno County. Here’s a […]

  • Dec 17TH, 2014

    City of Fresno General Plan

    The City of Fresno has released its “2014 General Plan“. The Fresno General Plan articulates a vision for the city and presents a set of policies and implementation actions to achieve that vision. The update process that created this General Plan was initiated to take a comprehensive look at where the city is, where it […]

  • Dec 09TH, 2014

    Welcome to

    When I started over 5 years ago, I was only trying to solve my problem of getting my job listing out there to qualified applicants for my health care business. What I found was that existing job boards where either effective but out of my budget OR free but “noisy”. As an entrepreneur, I’m […]